Apple iTV Prototype Spotted, Best Buy is Hot and Heavy

According to Tornoto’s Globe and Mail, Canadian television makers Rogers and Bell Canada Enterprises have an Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) interactive television model and are in talks with Apple to become partners.

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The report says that the iTV will use Apple’s voice assistant program, Siri, and can be controlled with hand gestures or an on-screen keyboard. The television might work with mobile devices and be used as a game system,

Last month, Analyst Gene Munster, said that Apple is building prototypes, and that he had spoken with unnamed sources in Apple’s supply chain and a “major TV component supplier” who said that Apple is planning to make a television. Munster also said Apple might be working on content deals for live TV and possibly subscription services.

Best Buy Wants Some iTV

Chris Ziegler reports in The Verge that Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) is polling customers to get feedback on an interesting potential new product: an Apple iTV.

Best Buy reportedly says in the survey that the television set — referred to as the “Apple HDTV” — can support iCloud, run iOS, have access to Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX), YouTube (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Flickr (NASDAQ:YHOO) and be controlled from an iPhone or iPad. The survey also mentions that the 42-inch set will also have an iSight camera and will be ready for Skype.

The price tag? $1,499.

It is unknown whether Best Buy actually knows about and has imminent plans to sell an Apple television, or whether it is just fishing for an idea of how interested customers might be in the rumored gadget. According to The Verge, the other questions in the survey regarded less-titillating offerings such as a home delivery service and discounts on home theater bundles.

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