Apple OS X Name Rumors Swirl and 1 Tech Titan on the Move

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): Mac OS X 10.9 may be named “Lynx,” according to AppleScoop. The name is believable since it would continue the Apple trend of naming its OS after particular jungle animals. Additionally, over the past few years, OS X went from Leopard to Snow Leopard to Lion to Mountain Lion. However, this information comes from a “reliable source,” claiming to have spoken with an Apple insider. Furthermore, the individual reportedly saw some internal papers suggesting that Apple was finalizing the name of OS X 10.9, however, he or she was not able to reveal the time in which Apple would make a decision on the name or reveal it to the public.

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Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG): Last week, a California judge approved a $22.5 million settlement handed down by the FTC against Google regarding charges that it misrepresented the manner in which Apple’s Safari users’ browser was having their Internet activity tracked. In the deal’s acceptance, the court rejected a complaint from Consumer Watchdog demanding that Google admits that it was responsible and it stated that the injunction was inadequate and the civil penalty was too small. The complaint claims that Google placed advertising cookies on the computers of those who use Safari and visited sites within Google’s DoubleClick advertising network. Google was responsible for wrongly informing Safari users that they would be opted out of such tracking due to Safari’s default settings. Furthermore, the search giant added that it was a member of the Network Advertising Initiative, requiring firms to reveal their data collection and use practices. The FTC stated that Google was not in any violation of U.S. law, but they were in violation of a March 2011 deal concerning Google’s Buzz program requiring Google to implement privacy safeguards, submit to regular audits, and banned it from future privacy misrepresentations. This deal was finalized during October of 2011.

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