Apple Scores Patent and 3 Hot Stocks Change Hands Today

The TJX Companies, Inc. (NYSE:TJX) sees a Q4 consolidated comparable store sales growth of flat to 2 percent, and the company says that its Q4 guidance includes a predicted 7c per share benefit from the 53rd week in the company’s FY3 calendar. Without this benefit, the adjusted guidance in ranges from 65c to 68c and indicates a 5 to 10 percent rise over the previous year.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) was granted a patent that outlines the functionality of its Time Machine feature, according to Apple Insider. Apple’s U.S. patent No. 8,311,988 protects the fundamental idea and methodology of saving data as it changes and restoring said data.

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Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) will have to deal with yet another day when millions of its shares are likely hit the market, on Wednesday, and this has the potential of being the largest stock dump seen yet. The time has finally come for early employees and investors to be given the opportunity to sell nearly 773 million shares, along with another 31 million restricted stock units that currently are owned by employees who joined the company before 2011. Like many initial public offerings, Facebook’s May 18 debut included a “lockup” agreement ensuring that some shareholders be unable to sell for a certain period.

AT&T, Inc. (NYSE:T) began to sell Nokia’s Lumia 920 Windows Phone on November 9, and the stakes are high. Nokia’s business continues to falter and needs something new to propel it forward. Also, Microsoft has been unable to find a hero device to to complement its well-reviewed Windows Phone operating system, but this is more important for Nokia than Microsoft. If the Lumia 920 fails, Microsoft is likely to abandon Nokia as its flagship Windows Phone partner, building its own smartphone instead. Nokia and AT&T declined to comment on the amount of Lumias that were sold over opening weekend, but there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence from people tracking the launch via Twitter and Windows Phone fan blogs. There were several instances of customers complaining that AT&T stores only received a limited number of Lumia 920 phones (fewer than 20 units), which quickly sold out, disappointing some who showed up to purchase one.

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