Apple Verdict Disputed by Samsung and 3 Tech Titans on the Move

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): Samsung is trying to raise doubts about a $1 billion jury verdict that found the company had violated Apple’s patents, but some of Samsung’s new claims are in dispute. Samsung alleges that the jury decision this past August that found Samsung had infringed Apple Inc.’s patents involving the iPhone and iPad was corrupted because Velvin Hogan, the foreman, withheld information about a lawsuit he was involved in with Seagate, one of Samsung’s partners.

Google Inc.’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Vice President and “Father of the Internet,” Vint Cerf,  has a simple request for the world’s nations: “Keep the Internet free and open.” Cerf’s appeal was posted on the official Google blog on the first day of the World Conference on International Telecommunications. WCIT is a a two-week United Nations conference in which  global governments come together to discuss and possibly shape the future of the Internet.

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Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) entire business basically relies on PC sales and PC sales are dwindling world wide. The negative effect on the firm’s entire business could come during the next quarters. Poor PC sales mean fewer Windows licenses sold and that in turn could lead to a scaling back of business and enterprise servers offered by the company.

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC): Everyone knows that with each successive generation of computer chips, they get more powerful and often more power efficient. But for the latest Intel Corporation processors, progress may come early.According to CNET,  Intel is planning to cut power demands in their presentline of Core processors, known as Ivy Bridge, which serve as CPUs in most PCs and Macs sold today. While Intel was already planning to cut power consumption in the next generation of processors, code named “Haswell,” the leaner Ivy Bridge chips will presumably come much sooner than that.

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