Are Republicans Too Quick to Rule Out Obamacare?


Greg Sargent of the Washington Post was highly critical of Republicans’ anti-Obamacare stance, noting that the inflexible viewpoint could prove to be shortsighted. “Polls have shown that only Republicans believe Obamacare can already be pronounced a failure or that it can’t be made to work. Everyone else — including the insurance companies, who are putting huge money on the line — appears to believe otherwise,” wrote Sargent in the Washington Post.

Sargent is referring to the money insurance companies have begun to put toward advertising campaigns that will target the new group of consumers brought out by President Obama’s Healthcare reform. He quotes the Wall Street Journal’s estimates of nearly 7 million U.S. citizens that are being added to the health insurance marketplace.

Despite the insurance companies’ willingness to gamble on Obama’s signature legislation, Sargent says many Republicans still believe that “the law cannot do anything other than fail spectacularly,” or even that it already has. Sargent points out that many Republicans are even planning to run for congress on an anti-affordable-care-act platform.

According to the New York Times, Washington hopefuls include Bob Dold and Bobby Shilling. Schilling believes his chances have improved in the coming election after the bumps in Obamacare’s rollout. “This time is going to be different, because the middle-class folks who are being affected by Obamacare are going to come out, lots of both Republicans and Democrats,” said Schilling to the New York Times.

“There is no denying that enrollment is lagging behind predictions or that the disastrous rollout could plague Democrats through the 2014 elections, but the Republican strategy for 2014 seems to place all of its chips on the idea that current circumstances couldn’t possibly change,” wrote Sargent.

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