Are These the Worst Banks in America?

Banks are in the business of nickel and diming. They are banks, after all. But when it comes to customer service and security, it’s crucial to feel like your bank has your back. Recently, LendEDU accessed customer complaint records from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and compiled the data to determine which banks received the most customer complaints per billions of dollars in deposits.

So, without further ado, from bad to worst, these are the top 15 worst banks in America, based on the number of customer complaints.

15. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

No explanations were given to customers. | Chris McGrath/Getty Images

  • Complaints per billion in deposits: 5.38
  • Total complaints: 7,747

The laundry list of complaints from JPMorgan Chase & Co. customers is astounding. One complaint noted numerous credit cards being opened in the customer’s name without authorization. And when the customer inquired with Chase, no answers were given, and the cards were suddenly closed. Another customer had his checking account closed suddenly without any explanation. The list goes on and on.

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14. M&T Bank Corp.

M&T bank Corp.

This bank made paying off a mortgage difficult for some consumers. | Fortunate4now/Wikimedia Commons

  • Complaints per billion in deposits: 5.50
  • Total complaints: 514

Typically, banks look forward to receiving monthly mortgage payments. However, M&T customers have made continuous complaints in regards to the struggle associated with paying their mortgage or other loans each month. One customer also cited major issues with paying off a title loan.

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13. CIT Group Inc.

CIT group bank

Customers had trouble with rising APRs. | CIT Group via Facebook

  • Complaints per billion in deposits: 5.58
  • Total complaints: 165

Many complaints surrounding the service provided and received by CIT Group Inc. are similar. Individuals consistently ran into issues paying loans, including one customer who couldn’t manage to receive a title after a loan payoff. However, some customers encountered the same issue of their APR skyrocketing from around 8% to 21% overnight.

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12. Huntington Bancshares Incorporated

Huntington Bank

The bank lost three separate car payments for one customer. | Ed!/Wikimedia Commons

  • Complaints per billion in deposits: 5.62
  • Total complaints: 441

Of the many complaints against Huntington, the standouts come in the shape of car payment fails. One customer claims the bank lost three different car payments, for which she had proof of payment. Unfortunately, another customer had a similar experience, and the bank didn’t seem to take any action in regards to these customer complaints.

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11. F.N.B. Corporation (First National Bank of Pennsylvania)

FNB bank of Pennsylvania

One customer’s account dropped to zero because of undisclosed fees. | Google Maps

  • Complaints per billion in deposits: 5.68
  • Total complaints: 124

Most of us can agree on fees being downright frustrating, but in some circumstances, the fees are understandable. One Pennsylvania customer of FNB Bank, however, had a different experience. This customer’s account was purchased, along with many others, from another bank. The once fee-free account suddenly turned into a fee-based checking account, where the bank “subsequently drafted service fees until the account was empty.” Ouch.

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10. Bank of America Corporation

There are many complaints of terrible service. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

  • Complaints per billion in deposits: 6.28
  • Total complaints: 8,069

From issues making loan payments, closing on a mortgage, or even problems with customers disputing fraudulent credit card payments, Bank of America’s complaint list just seems to be neverending. Furthermore, many customer complaints are related to downright terrible service.

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9. KeyCorp

KeyCorp bank

The customer service is especially poor. | Ed!/Wikimedia Commons

  • Complaints per billion in deposits: 6.48
  • Total complaints: 670

A lot of bad customer experiences have come out of KeyCorp, and the overall theme of the complaints seems to hinge on very poor customer service. One customer recalls a bad KeyCorp experience, “Key bank made an unauthorized change to my checking account. They turned on the overdraft feature without my knowledge or authorization.” The feature ended up costing the customer $600.

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8. Wells Fargo & Company

Wells Fargo sign on highrise building

They opened millions of unauthorized accounts. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

  • Complaints per billion in deposits: 6.48
  • Total complaints: 8,465

Amongst the numerous complaints regarding poor customer service, let us not forget that Wells Fargo took the liberty of opening nearly two million unauthorized accounts between 2011 and 2015. Now if that doesn’t scream creepy, I don’t know what does.

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7. Comerica Incorporated

Comerica bank tower in Dallas,Texas

One customer had thousands of dollars stolen. | PacoRomero/iStock/Getty Images

  • Complaints per billion in deposits: 6.57
  • Total complaints: 380

Keeping money safe and secure is the top priority in choosing a bank. When one customer and his mother both had thousands of dollars taken out of their accounts by a person using a stolen and expired license, Comerica’s fraud department let the cat out of the bag. Come to find out, the teller engaged in an internal breach of security, knowing better than to ever provide a withdrawal for someone with an expired license.

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6. U.S. Bancorp

US bank bancorp

It changed its policy without notice, according to complaints. | Ricardo630/Wikimedia Commons

  • Complaints per billion in deposits: 6.82
  • Total complaints: 2,338

Widely known as U.S. Bank, this company has been around for nearly 50 years. And with customers who have been tried and true for decades, poor customer service seems to be the resounding complaint. However, one customer claimed U.S. Bank blatantly lied about the offering of a no interest balance transfer. Come to find out, the bank was charging her interest within the first two months after the transfer. When she called to complain, a U.S. Bank representative informed her it had changed its policy.

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5. Citigroup Inc.

The volume of complaints has complaints has abated slightly. | Juan Barreto/AFP/Getty Images

  • Complaints per billion in deposits: 6.85
  • Total complaints: 6,600

According to the Wall Street Journal, “A Citi spokesman said the bank saw an increase in complaints due to two issues: promotional offers for which some bank customers weren’t eligible and the automatic reissuance of credit cards tied to a portfolio conversion, which it says is a standard industry practice. The volume of complaints about both issues has abated significantly, he said.”

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4. Fifth Third Bancorp


Customers received credit cards they never applied for. | Ed!/Wikimedia Commons

  • Complaints per billion in deposits: 6.88
  • Total complaints: 698

Receiving credit cards for which you never applied and attempting to collect debts that aren’t owed is a tell-tale sign of a bank that doesn’t have it all together. And from the complaints against Fifth Third Bancorp, that seems to be the exact issue at hand.

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3. Citizens Financial Group Inc.

Citizens Financial Group, Inc. Initial Public Offering

Incorrect information keeps popping up. | Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Citizens Financial Group, Inc.

  • Complaints per billion in deposits: 6.91
  • Total complaints: 782

Similar to the complaints of many other financial establishments, Citizens Financial Group Inc. seems to have the same issues surrounding customer service as every other bank on this list. Customers seem to have major issues with incorrect information popping up on credit reports and bank statements. And to add insult to injury, it appears the bulk of these complaining customers just get pushed through the shuffle of outsourced customer service call centers.

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2. SunTrust Banks Inc.

SunTrust Bank

They don’t care much about the complaints. | Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images

  • Complaints per billion in deposits: 7.12
  • Total complaints: 1,159

The complaints seem endless with SunTrust. From redeemed reward gift cards that never arrived to identity theft issues, SunTrust doesn’t seem to pay much concern to customer issues. And when the Wall Street Journal reached out to a SunTrust spokesperson, the company declined to comment on the incessant complaints.

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1. TCF Financial Corporation (TCF National Bank)

TCF bank

They have been manipulating customers. | Dwight Burdette/Wikimedia Commons

  • Complaints per billion in deposits: 13.59
  • Total complaints: 246

Topping the charts as the bank with the most complaints per billions deposited, TCF National Bank is likely not pleased to be at the top of this list. According to CFPB, TCF has been manipulating customers into very costly overdraft services. The trickery has landed TCF into a direct lawsuit with CFPB.

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