Are Top Sirius XM Shareholders Selling in May and Going Away?

Shares of Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) are now up only .55% in 2012, after the recent stock sell-off. Over the past month, the stock is down over 16%. Are investors concerned Howard Stern will become addicted to the TV fame as a guest judge panelist on America’s Got Talent. Or are investors more concerned with Liberty’s Media’s growing stake?

A Closer Look: Why is Liberty Media Buying Sirius XM Shares?

Following Howard Stern’s new TV emergence and Liberty Media’s growing involvement, are big shareholders trimming their positions in May? 423 institutional firms indicated owning shares of SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. (NASDAQ:SIRI) in Q1 2012. These firms reported owning a total of 1.788 billion shares on 03/31/2012 . The shares closed at $2.31 on 03/31/2012. Today, shares are trading at $1.84 per share, with a $7 billion market cap.

Here are the ten largest positions in SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. at the end of March 31st, 2012.

UBS held 233,415,325 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $539,189,387.

Vanguard Group inc held 169,915,413 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $392,504,594.

Wellington Management co llp held 168,583,148 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $389,427,062.

SAC Capital Advisors lp held 98,267,455 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $226,997,815.

Blackrock Institutional Trust Company n.a. held 89,181,833 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $206,010,029.

Tpg-axon Management lp held 88,350,000 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $204,088,495.

Blue Ridge Capital l.l.c. held 61,990,000 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $143,196,896.

Coatue Management llc held 57,829,793 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $133,586,819.

State Street corp held 57,048,957 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $131,783,087.

Scout Capital Management llc held 56,000,000 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $129,359,997.

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