How Ariel Winter Went From TV Nerd to a Starlet Worth $9 Million

Growing up in the public eye is no cake-walk. Just ask Ariel Winter. Luckily for child star turned real-life grownup, Winter has a solid head on her shoulders. Her career in Hollywood has been nothing short of uber-successful, yet somehow the public is bewildered by how grown up she actually is.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re equally stunned at how the nerdy Alex Dunphy actress has turned out. But Winter’s story is colorful. Follow along to find out how Ariel Winter went from TV nerd to a starlet worth $9 million.

1. Ariel’s career started at just 4 years old

Young Ariel Winter
She started acting as a child. | CBS
  • Her mother got her into acting.

Winter was thrust into the television and film industry at the young age of four, and surprisingly, it wasn’t her idea. Instead, it was her mother who inserted her into Hollywood. Even though Winter has made it clear that she enjoys her acting work, she wouldn’t have outright chosen it.

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2. She landed her Modern Family gig at 11 years old

Ariel Winter as Alex Dunphy in Modern Family
She started the show at only 11. | ABC
  • Nearly 6 million people watch Modern Family 

At the ripe age of 11, Winter made her Alex Dunphy premiere on the wildly popular and successful Modern Family. Not only has the sitcom finagled its way into nearly 6 million homes, but Winter has done most of her growing up on the show.

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3. Ariel makes over $100,000 per episode as nerdy Dunphy

Modern Family
She is a smart negotiator. | ABC
  • Her net worth is $9 million. 

The cast of Modern Family has been slaying it since the show kicked off in 2009. While the similarities between Winter and her nerdy character Alex Dunphy may be slim, the actress isn’t lacking when it comes to brains. The young talent among the child stars on the show has negotiated an undisclosed raise above $100,000 per episode for seasons 9 and 10.

Considering the adult actors negotiated a 40% raise for the same seasons, it’s likely Winter and her younger costars did the same. Not to mention she’s now estimated to be worth $9 million.

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4. Her role as dorky Alex Dunphy is far from reality

Ariel Winter Graduation
She may be smart, but she’s not a nerd. | Ariel Winter via Instagram
  • She graduated from high school in 2016. 

Sure, Winter continues to nail her role as the brainiac geek that is Alex Dunphy, but if you take a gander at her real-life Instagram feed, you’ll quickly learn that Ariel is far from nerdy. In fact, she’s grown into quite the starlet. The actress graduated high school in the class of 2016, so she’s officially no longer a kid.

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5. An emancipation from her mother happened when she was 17

Ariel Winter and her sister at a premier
She was raised by her sister after the emancipation. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
  • The actress was legally emancipated at age 17.

Winter took a stand against the violence and abuse from her mother. From 14 to 17 years old, she was in a staunch legal battle to gain independence from her mother. While Winter keeps the details of the relationship very private, she has been open on the importance of the support she has received from her sister throughout this grueling process. Winter officially became emancipated from her mother at 17, cutting all ties of communication.

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6. Ariel is a fierce feminist on a mission

Ariel Winter poses at the 2017 Emmys in a high slit dress
She isn’t afraid to stand up to bullies. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
  • Winter has no time for body-shamers.

With the all the growing-up that Winter has done in front of the public, she has also endured an extreme amount of scrutiny and judgment. She has been shamed for her large breasts and curvaceous figure then shamed even more for opting for a breast reduction. The good news is, Winter is taking a stand against Instagram bullies and shaming. She shows off her scars, her body, and the right to be exactly who she wants.

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7. She’s enrolled at UCLA, but her first day was a drag

Ariel Winter UCLA
Unlike most college kids, Ariel didn’t get extra freedom. | Ariel Winter via Instagram
  • The paparazzi wouldn’t leave her alone. 

Throughout her career as an actress, Winter has always made it clear that she loves school and wanted to attend college. While she has no plans of flying the acting coop, her first day at UCLA may have her thinking otherwise. According to her Twitter post, the paparazzi officially ruined her day by following her around snapping photos. And a recent Instagram post read that “I can’t do that without paparazzi following me around everyday.”

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8. Plans for law school are on the horizon

Ariel Winter is smiling and sitting down as she holding a microphone.
She believes in having a backup plan. | S. Savenok/Getty Images
  • Winter knows acting might not be her long-term career. 

She’s grateful for her success in Hollywood, but Winter wants to become a lawyer. She claims that she’s great at arguing. The actress is also very realistic about the acting roles not always coming in, making a backup plan essential.

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