Marijuana Money: How Much Do Cannabis Consumers Spend Annually?

A female cannabis consumer walks with a sign supporting legalizing marijuana

A female cannabis consumer walks with a sign supporting legalizing marijuana | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

With the marijuana legalization push quickly working its way through the psyches and legislative houses belonging to millions of Americans, it’s easy to get caught up in the fervor a brand new and previously off-limits market is creating. People are making money, jobs are being created, and fewer people are being sent to prison or paying huge fines related to cannabis growth or possession. And though many questioned it, legalization is looking like it’s paying off for the few states that have made the jump.

One of the more interesting and exciting aspects of legalization has been all of the new data that is being collected for analysis, that was previously unreachable. Information about cannabis properties, how different strains or products can benefit or harm consumers, and the consumers themselves are all coming to light — and it’s all data that we’ve never had access to prior to legalization.

Case in point, new market insights from Seattle-based cannabis intelligence company Headset Inc. are giving us a clear view of the “average cannabis consumer,” something we may have tried to piece together from data fragments before, but now can see rather clearly as people embrace the marijuana markets. Headset’s brief digs into marijuana sales in Washington state to paint a portrait of today’s cannabis consumers, and even breaks up preferences by several demographic groups.

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