Back in Black: Lululemon Pants Return After Recall

Yogis across all of the United States and Canada can let out a collective sigh of relief today, as Lululemon Athletica’s (NASDAQ:LULU) black “Luon” pants are available for purchase again after being recalled in March due to the “unacceptable level of sheerness” of their fabric.

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The pants’ recall in March did not go down as quietly as the company might have hoped. The see-through pants attracted Lululemon significant unwanted attention, and became the victim of many pun-loving headliners’ dreams.’s “I See London, I See France: Lululemon Recalls See-Through Yoga Pants” was just one header that attracted customers’ attention and sent the company’s stock price down 12 percent. Despite the company’s warning that it could lose up to $40 million in profit this fiscal year, Lululemon’s stock has been able to bounce back before in was before the recall despite its plummet in March.

To avoid another calamity, before the pants were put back on the shelves, they were adjusted and tested rigorously “to ensure that the fabric will fit the body without being stretched beyond its capability,” The Chicago Tribune reported. However, the company also encourages its customers to “get real about sheerness” and buy the right size because, as they caution, “If you stretch a knit fabric far enough, it will go sheer. That’s why the right fit is key.”

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