Bars & Restaurants Rake in the Green on St. Patrick’s Day

No matter how crappy the economy, St. Patrick’s loyalists will be out partying hard. St. Patty’s is an awesome day for bars, restaurants, and beer brewers to throw some Irish green in their pockets.

According to beer industry research by IBISWorld, numbers show that around 1 percent of total annual beer consumption occurs on St. Patrick’s Day. That’s approximately four times more beer consumption than the daily average.

Cities with large Irish populations are expected to benefit most. Looking across the pond to Ireland, The Belfast Telegraph reports St. Patrick’s Day business flow will “rival one of the big days over Christmas.” Looks like St. Nick has some competition.

Last year in college town Anne-Arbor, party people lined up outside an Irish pub which was already opening 4 hours earlier at 7AM. If this year we can generate this type of economic activity across the US, St. Patrick will also earn himself something legislators and the past two Presidents have failed to achieve: economic sainthood.