15 Bathroom Gadgets That Are a Waste of Your Money

Targeted consumer marketing can get the best of us, despite our hard-fought efforts to resist the temptation. Whether it be extraneous household gadgets or expensive pet supplies, they’re all out to attack our wallets with a vengeance.

Bathroom gadgets are no exception. There are countless useless bathroom products designed to take our money and crowd our counters. Some gadgets — such as toothpaste dispensers or towel warmers — seem like smart buys but end up being a complete a waste of money and space. Other products are so wacky it’s a miracle anyone spent money on them in the first place.

If you’re trying to cut back on unnecessary spending, the home goods section is a good place to start. Have you spent money on any of these pricey gadgets?

15. Intelligent toilet

Kohlet Numi Intelligent Toilet

Is there a need for fancy toilets? | Kohler.com

This smart toilet from Kohler is designed to change your bathroom experience forever. It features settings, such as ambient color lighting, Bluetooth music capabilities, and heated seat and foot warmers. While it does include efficient power-saving modes and water-conservation methods, it’s unlikely this toilet will ever pay for itself — at least not in your life time. This stylish throne will run you $5,118.75 to be exact. But did we forget what we use toilets for anyway? Right. A standard commode should work just fine.

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