Bears Fight Back Bulls 73% to 24% in Today’s Trading

Some very interesting insights on today’s market comes from looking at the Advances/Declining ratio.  On the NYSE, 948 issues have increased in price as of mid-day trading, against 2,899 declines.  That’s a ratio of 24/73, or almost 1 advance for every 3 declines.  Why don’t those numbers sum to 1?  One hundred three, or 3%, of stocks that trade on the NYSE (NYSE:NYX) are unchanged.

For the NASDAQ (NASDAQ:NDAQ), the numbers are very similar: 22% of stocks have advanced, 75% have declined, and 3% remain unchanged.

The up volume/down volume ratio is even more lopsided, with 12% of the NYSE volume showing an uptick, and 87% of the NYSE volume showing a downtick.  For the NASDAQ, the corresponding values are 16% and 83%.  (Again, a small number of unchanged values accounts for the balance for both exchanges.)

(Data are sourced from here)

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