The 10 Best Colleges in the U.S. to Become Rich

2. Pace University

Pace University building

Pace University | Peter Kramer/Getty Images

  • Percent of low-income students: 15.2%
  • Share who make it to the top 20%: 55.6%
  • Overall mobility rate: 8.4%

Pace University is one of just two private schools that made the top 10 for economic mobility. The New York City school is far more expensive than many colleges on the list. (Tuition alone is more than $42,000 a year.) But 15% of students are lower-income, and more than half of those eventually go on to land jobs that put them in the top 20% of earners. The average undergraduate receives $22,774 in financial support directly from the school, and the school has a 95% full-time employment rate for graduates who used career services.

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