The 4 Best Jobs for Lazy People

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Your lack of motivation doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a hard time finding a job.

Lucky for you, there are jobs that are a perfect fit for the lazy among us. If your friends and family have been telling you to go out and get a “real job,” rest assured this isn’t the only way to earn a living. Plenty of non-traditional jobs exist for those who would rather focus on living life than working themselves to death.

“Not everyone can work in a real job…Since not everyone can have a conventional job, why not be one of the prosperous individuals with an unconventional job? This way you will find success, prosperity, and happiness on your own terms,” said author Ernie J. Zelinski in Real Success without a Real Job.

If you’re looking to avoid a so-called real job, here are four jobs for you to consider. These may even be lazy ways for you to earn extra money in addition to a more regular job.

1. Professional cuddler

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Go ahead and get your hug on. If you love to lie in bed all day, then the cuddling business is right up your alley. You’ll get to make a difference in people’s lives without even changing out of your pajamas. Professional cuddlers (also known as snugglers) can make an average of $60 to $80 per hour. If you’re interested in cuddling for a living, you can apply online through an established business or even start a business of your own. If you’re really serious about this as a career, you can even get certified. You can become a certified cuddle party facilitator or a certified cuddler.

2. Sleep study participant

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Another great job: sleep study participant. There are plenty of hospitals and medical facilities looking for participants to enroll in their sleep studies. Know you’ll have to make sure you meet certain requirements before signing up. Most studies have detailed requirements posted on the facility’s website. The average pay varies, but you can earn a few thousand dollars if you choose wisely. Recently NASA even offered sleep study participants $18,000 to stay in bed for 70 days. You can find a sleep study near you by visiting the Sleep Education website.

3. Furniture tester

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Are you a couch potato? You’re just the right person for the job. Get paid to sit around all day and give your opinion on different furniture. Furniture testers make an average salary of $31,000 according to career site Simply Hired. You’ll find furniture-testing gigs when you search industry websites such as Furniture News.

4. Luxury house sitter

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House sitting has plenty of built-in perks. Homeowners often leave a fridge full of food and drinks, so you can save some cash and the effort of having to go grocery shopping. One way to maximize the benefits of house siting is to watch over the homes of well-to-do clients. “With a little creativity and a sense of adventure, you can live like you make a million dollars, even if you don’t,” said author Todra Payne in The House Sitter’s Guide: How to Borrow Luxury Homes. The best way to inquire about luxury house sitting assignments is through word of mouth and networking.

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