The Best Times to Go on a Job Interview

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Now that you’ve scored the job interview, you’re left wondering when you should schedule your meeting. Is afternoon best? Morning? What times of the day and days of the week do hiring managers prefer? Your choice could impact the outcome of your interview. One thing to keep in mind, said Kayla Myers, senior advisor with Mentat, is the importance of remaining flexible. Remember that scheduling an interview isn’t just about you and your comfort. Also take the interviewer’s preferences into consideration as you both aim to come to an agreement on a date and time.

“As you work out a time for your interview, it is important to always show respect for your interviewers. Consider their availability first and do not schedule interviews on holidays or key days for that company,” said Myers.

The Cheat Sheet reached out to career experts for tips on the best times to interview. Here’s what they had to say.


Ideally, I like to schedule interviews for mid-morning, about an hour or two after all of the interviewers have gotten into the office. That gives everyone a chance to get a cup of coffee, catch up on anything they need to do, and settle into their day. I avoid the times right after lunch, and the absolute worst interview time is the very end of the day when everyone is ready to head home.

Meghann Isgan, human resources consultant for Sunglass Warehouse


“The best day of the week to schedule a job interview is Tuesday,” said David Bakke, personal finance correspondent for Money Crashers. “Folks have likely recovered from the weekend, but aren’t too worn out from working on that day. The worst days of the week for interviews are Mondays and Fridays. People may still be tired on Mondays and may not have the right focus later on in the week.”


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“Fridays will likely be a little more relaxed while Mondays may be more intense. Depending on what the company does and how they schedule production, each day can have its own unique feel,” said Michelle Merritt, president of Merrfeld Resumes and Coaching.

When you’re at your best

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“If you can, schedule it at a time when you know you’re at your best. If you’re always stressed getting kids out the door in the morning, scheduling an 8:30 a.m. interview isn’t optimal timing,” Merritt added. “On the other hand, if your energy tends to falter during the day, scheduling an interview late in the day can be challenging.  If given the option, go with what’s best for you.”

A final note

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Also take into account how much time you have available to get to and from your interview. Although it pays to be flexible, make sure you’re not putting yourself at a disadvantage by scheduling too close to other important meetings. “Each interviewer knows his or her schedule best, and knows then their most productive times of day are. I suggest scheduling interviews when you know you’ll be able to focus, dedicate the time you need, and will be able to best interact and communicate with the candidate,” said Isgan.

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