The Biggest Secrets Your Landlord Wishes You Knew

The tenant-landlord relationship can be a tough one to navigate. Start out on the wrong foot, and life becomes a living hell for those on both sides of the fence. But forge a respectful relationship, and both you and your landlord might live happily ever after in rental harmony.

Harmony in the place where you lay your head at night sounds like just the ticket for the 37% of American households that rent their homes. Are you ready for a secret? Not all landlords are crooks. Some are even commendable. And the better you understand each other, the easier life will be. So we suggest you listen up for the top 15 secrets your landlord wishes you knew.

1. Don’t be shocked that pets cost more

woman petting her yellow labrador on the couch

Landlords need to cover the cost of pets. |

Who doesn’t love furry companions? Landlords. Where you see cuddly creatures, landlords see extra expenses, liabilities, and mess. The added pet deposit and monthly fees are to cover the damage pets might cause, such as replacing the carpet or fumigating for pet smells. But renters can take extra precautions. Reassure your landlord by being upfront about your dog’s breed and behavior, and commit to cleaning up after your pet.

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