BMC Software Earnings Call Insights: Financial Services and Software Defined Networking

On Wednesday, BMC Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:BMC) reported its second quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call. Take a look.

Financial Services

Robert E. Beauchamp – Chairman and CEO: Hey Gregg, before you start, if I can just make one comment. I just want to let everybody know that our thoughts are with our friends in the Northeast United States and I’ve talked to few people up there today and I understand how incredibly difficult it is on everybody there, so I just want to make sure that we’re all with you and it’s going to be an interesting few weeks and anything we can do to help, let us know. Go ahead Gregg.

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Matthew Hoffman – Cowen & Company: This is actually Matt on for Gregg. So I have just a couple of questions. How is your financial services business this quarter?

Robert E. Beauchamp – Chairman and CEO: Say that again?

Matthew Hoffman – Cowen & Company: How is your financial services business this quarter?

Robert E. Beauchamp – Chairman and CEO: Let me see, I mean we had some really nice wins in financial services, big European bank. We had a nice competitive replacement in ESM. We had a big company, call it the card business, the credit card business. We had a very nice win there competitor replaced, insurance was good. I’m looking at the list of all the customers. I don’t know Steve but do you have any particular numbers by sector for them today?

Stephen B. Solcher – SVP and CFO: No. I would say like Bob said, I think, if you just look at some of our larger wins in the quarter they were in the financial services sector itself and pretty much across the globe, not only in North America, Asia-Pac, Europe, I’m looking at a list now of about 10 or 15 and you are looking at, at least of the bigger wins in that sector.

Robert E. Beauchamp – Chairman and CEO: I would add this we had a really, really solid quarter in our North East U.S. sales office, which if you recall we were struggling with before and that group it really delivered nicely and certainly that’s they are heavy (in Fiserv).

Matthew Hoffman – Cowen & Company: I had one other question, how would you characterize the size and the quality of the pipeline as it stands today?

Robert E. Beauchamp – Chairman and CEO: It’s pretty solid. I mean really if you look at the reason that we reaffirmed – one of the core reasons there has to do with the pipeline numbers. We don’t know about macro and what can happen in fiscal cliff and all those other uncertainties but from just traditional measures that we look at traditionally this is a pretty solid pipeline on ESM. If you look at MSM you are really moving into the strength of the renewal cycle. We are coming out of the trough end of the strength of the renewal cycle. So from a bottoms up perspective it’s reasonably good numbers for us as we look forward.

Matthew Hoffman – Cowen & Company: I feel like – if I could just squeeze one more in. How is the CapGemini partnership going?

Robert E. Beauchamp – Chairman and CEO: Really well in the standpoint. I believe we just completed the full migration to their platform and the relationships very solid. I don’t have any numbers here in terms of any business impact to it, but the relationship is very good and we’re now fully hosted on their platform for our SaaS platform and they have been by the way very high quality service that they are delivering for us for instance our Remedy OnDemand platform and we’re very pleased with that.

Software Defined Networking

Matthew Hedberg – RBC Capital: You guys have always done a really good job of standing ahead of the curve from the technology perspective and I think with SaaS I think you’d agree that maybe you are a couple of quarters too late, but it sounds like with the MRR results you guys are coming on pretty good there. I guess I’m wondering from your BSM perspective, how do you think about software-defined networking fitting into the overall strategy?

Robert E. Beauchamp – Chairman and CEO: Yeah. So, I mean if anything that delivers more virtualization, more software control gives BMC more opportunity, right. The customers if you think about it, as the customers virtualize their networking components just as that delivered a huge market opportunity for us in the network space – I mean in the server space. It delivers the same sort of opportunity for us in the network space, including our heterogeneity play, the fact that that there may be those out there who can deliver a component of it of the capability, but we right on top of it and can deliver a complete application stack. A complete application management stack from the application code to the middleware, to the database, to the server and now through the network layer and that heterogeneity story becomes even more important as these components move from kind of being a hard wired component to being a virtualized software-based infrastructure. We think that plays very nicely to our strength.

Matthew Hedberg – RBC Capital: Obviously ESM was much better than I think a lot of people of thought. Can you give us a sense for sort of the linearity into the December quarter. Are you expecting for the normal 4Q flush and I guess it’s probably hard to say at this point, but do you think Sandy will have an impact on the Northeast sales and maybe some sales basically offline for a few days?

Robert E. Beauchamp – Chairman and CEO: So, on the Sandy part it’s too early to tell. I mean I don’t think that a few days of our sales people being out will make a difference. What I don’t know yet is what that does to our customers in the Northeast and kind of the impact that will have yet. So, it’s just a little too early to give you an answer on that. I’ll let Steve address the linearity question.

Stephen B. Solcher – SVP and CFO: On the linearity side, we’re really looking at the patterns that are very typical of what happened in ’09, ’10 and ’11 and not last year where we were flat sequentially, so we are looking for sequential increase and that’s primarily driven as Bob said to the pipeline building. We also see the gross capacity of sales people were up quite a bit and the tenure is improving, attrition is down, so it gives us confidence in this linear progression that we you know are expecting, and not only in Q3 but Q4 slight improvement in a sequential basis.

Matthew Hedberg – RBC Capital: That’s great, and if I could squeeze in one last one, it’s probably still little too early to think about fiscal ’14, but given sort of the rebound this quarter in ESM with the mainframe renewal cycle that you expect, in a very sort of high level sematic thoughts, we should expect for ’14 and I guess may from margin perspective, you think we get back to some margin improvement in ’14?

Stephen B. Solcher – SVP and CFO: So let me take the first part. I think as we see the announcements we made today with our ITSM Version 8 and kind of the SaaS first methodology we’ll be delivering on that platform going forward, the CLM platforms, the MyIT platforms, the new Control-M technologies that really kind of take advantage of social networking, mobility and all of the drivers that are changing the industry, Cloud Operations Management. What you will see is a little bit of shift from kind of the single – this is just a continuation of what we started two quarters ago. A little more of a segmented sales model, where you had our large account managers really handling those largest accounts in a very customized way and then as you move down the pyramid to the commercial account a very low friction high-volume sales motion. You will see these new products dropping into those sales engines in different ways. So you will see us continue to expand, Carv Moore I mentioned on the call today is building out kind of a unified architecture for go-to-markets that is segmented. He will be pushing that through and these new products coming on board we are going to spend more money on these – ship more of our resources to these high-growth areas faster as we launch into next year. So our goal is to have the sales force, as we start fiscal ’14 really in a very good, stable, consistent environment, no big changes there. Our product line is really ramping up coming from early release into full production and ready to go and really try to hit the ground running in ’14 without any big rocks moving around.

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