Boeing Prepares for a Tongue-Lashing, GM Eyes the Off-Road, and 3 More Hot Stocks

Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA): Norwegian Air has called for a meeting with Boeing after more technical problems presented themselves on the airline’s two Dreamliner jets. ”We are going to tell them this situation is far from good enough,” company spokeswoman Anne-Sissel Skaanvik told Reuters. “We have not had the reliability that we had expected from brand new planes, so something must happen, fast … Clearly Boeing has not had good enough operative quality control.”


General Motors Co. (NYSE:GM): GM says it will consider producing an off-road version of its Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban models and their corresponding GMC counterparts, as the automaker believes the off-road market will maintain a robust level of demand. GM does not yet have a purpose-built vehicle for off-roading like its competition does. Separately, GM announced that it will repurchase 120 million shares of its preferred stock from the UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust for around $27 per share.


ADT Corp. (NYSE:ADT): ADT shares are up marginally as earnings per share of 53 cents beat by 9 cents and revenue of $833 million also beat, by $2.78 million. The company announced that it will offer $1 billion of senior unsecured notes due in 2021; it will use the funds to repay $150 million in credit borrowings and buy back shares.


Cheniere Energy Inc. (AMEX:LNG): Cheniere will try to raise $690 million through the initial public offering of a holding company, as revealed by recent SEC filings. Cheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings, which expects to trade on the NYSE under the symbol CQH, will exist only to hold a 55.9 percent stake in Cheniere Energy Partners. In turn, this will allow Cheniere to segregate lower-risk, stable assets from higher-risk, early-stage projects, the filing says.


Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE:TM): Toyota is taking a creative approach to finding a promising group of tech-savvy consumers to market to, with a new and unlikely partnership with DirecTV (NASDAQ:DTV). Toyota will analyze DirecTV’s subscriber data to in turn deliver electric vehicle ads to a narrow and more pointed block of consumers.


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