Boeing’s Off the Hook for Extinguishers, BlackBerry’s Generous Severance Package, and 2 More Hot Stocks

Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA): The engineers at Boeing must be relieved: The company revealed that the wiring fault on fire extinguishers for engines of All Nippon Airways’s Boeing 787 aircraft was due to improper assembly of bottles at the supplier. Additionally, the manufacturer points out that the issues wouldn’t have presented a flight-safety problem, as the jet has other means of putting out engine fires.


BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY): According to some digging done by Bloomberg, CEO Thorsten Heins would make an estimated $55.6 million were the company were to be sold and he was to be fired. That figure includes salary, incentive payments, and equity awards; it is based on BlackBerry’s share price at the end of the fourth quarter. However, if Heins is sacked without a change of ownership, he would get $22 million.


21st Century Fox (NASDAQ:FOXA): Fox’s national sports channel is scheduled to launch Saturday morning “with every major distributor on board” including DirecTV, Dish Network, and Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and AT&T, the company said. Fox was able to persuade the companies to sign up after agreeing not to raise the price of 23 cents per subscriber they were paying for Speed, the auto-racing network that Fox Sports 1 is replacing.


International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM): China’s Ministry of Public Security and a cabinet-level research center are apparently initiating investigations into IBM and Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL) among others, sparked by Edward Snowden’s revelations of the National Security Agency’s surveillance of user data at major tech companies, and that the agency hacked into critical networks at Chinese and Hong Kong universities.


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