Brilliant Things Tom Brady May Do If Gisele Bündchen Convinces Him to Retire

With reports of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady being urged to retire by his wife Gisele Bündchen, fans wonder if he’ll hang up his jersey after one more Super Bowl. Brady, 40, has stated he wishes to continue playing in the NFL until his mid-40s. He certainly is still in top physical shape. However, there’s something to be said for making an exit at the height of one’s glory; Brady may decide this is the case.

What would be next for the superstar who’s quarterbacked his team to so many Super Bowl wins? He’s certainly young enough to take on a second career. Otherwise, he has plenty of other interests to pursue, based on his Instagram posts. Here we’ll have some fun and take a look at both careers and hobbies Tom Brady could pursue if he decides to retire from the New England Patriots.

1. Coaching youth football

He would be the envy of all the other coaches. | Tom Brady via Instagram

Brady’s son Benny, 8, dressed up in his dad’s helmet and shoulder pads for a snap Brady posted on Instagram in 2017. Benny is holding a football and was quoted as saying, “Look Dad, Armor.” Brady has said he would “certainly encourage it” if his kids ever wanted to “put a helmet on and play football.”

Will Benny, or Brady’s older son Jack, choose to follow in their father’s footsteps by taking up football? If so, Brady would be an excellent coach for a youth football league. (Not to mention the entire neighborhood of boys would be lining up to join that team.)

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2. Playing for the NBA

Tom Brady Basketball

Realistically, this wouldn’t go well. | Tom Brady via Instagram

Brady shared a video on Instagram titled “Tom vs. Hoops” which shows him shooting a couple of baskets unsuccessfully. He laughs good-naturedly as he walks away from the hoop to the cheers and shouts of friends. One fan commented, “tom you got the worst shot i ever seen but i still love you.”

When it comes to basketball, Brady has even scored some pointers from the very best. In 2015, he was recorded in a friendly pickup game of hoops with none other than NBA legend Michael Jordan in the Bahamas. You can hear the two laughing and trash talking in the video.

Would Brady follow in Jordan’s footsteps (Jordan had a brief MLB career) in switching sports? If so, he has the support of his friends and at least one basketball legend.

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3. Designing cars

Tom Brady designed Aston Martin

The cars also feature his signature and logo. | Aston Martin

Brady already has some experience in designing cars, so maybe he’ll choose to dabble in the art further upon retirement. In 2017, luxury carmaker Aston Martin released just 12 special-edition convertibles designed by Brady.

Priced at $360,000 ($50,000 more than a run-of-the-mill model), these feature Brady’s signature and logo, along with a custom “Ultramarine Black” exterior paint and a “Dark Knight” interior leather. “Going through the process of curating a unique Aston Martin has been fascinating,” Brady said. Maybe fascinating enough to turn into a second career?

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4. Decorating his new high-rise home

Vestry apartment building tom brady

He can decorate their stunning new apartment. |

If Brady is interested in interior decorating, the time would be right to get to work on the couple’s brand-new Tribeca apartment in New York. While they had been set to go with an 11th floor unit, they eventually opted for the 12th floor – possibly for good luck by matching Brady’s jersey number.

The home, listed for $29.5 million, will be ready sometime in 2018. No matter what role he plays decorating his new pad in his spare time, Brady will surely enjoy its amenities, like the Hudson River view and custom kitchen with Miele appliances.

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5. Photoshopping

Tom Brady April fools

He seems to get a kick out of Photoshopping. | Tom Brady via Facebook

As shown many times over the years, Brady (or whoever he assigns the task to) puts out some hilarious Photoshopped images on social media. In one such Facebook photo from 2015, Brady is featured as an air traffic controller with the caption, “Who’s ready to make Gillette Stadium a #noflyzone tomorrow?!”

The same year, Brady had fans scared with an April Fools’ Day Photoshop prank featuring him lying in traction with multiple broken bones. One revealing feature, however, was Michael Jordan’s signature on the leg cast – and this was right after Brady played basketball with Jordan in the Bahamas. (Good one, Tom!)

Someone, possibly Brady himself, is having tons of fun adding his face to photos. Maybe he’s even taken a Photoshop class or two. It’s a practical skill to have and could lead to a busy second career.

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6. Dancing

Tom Brady Dancing

For someone as coordinated as he is on the football field, this is sad. | Tom Brady via Facebook

Brady seems to love dancing, based on a video recorded of him getting down at the team’s Super Bowl ring party in 2015. In fact, he spoofed ABC’s Dancing with the Stars by incorporating his dance video into what looks like a clip from the show. He poked fun at himself in the post, saying, “The moves I learned at the Edelman and Gronkowski School of Dance are really paying off.” Gronkowski dances in the video, which also features Wiz Khalifa.

Brady was clearly having lots of fun and could certainly enjoy working on his dance moves more in his spare time after retirement.

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7. Surfing

Tom Brady surfing

In addition to football, Brady also has lots of other hobbies. | Tom Brady via Instagram

Surfing is one of the pastimes Brady has showcased on social media and in interviews. “I have hobbies,” he said. “I like being active. I like to surf a lot, play a little bit of golf.” In 2016, Brady was photographed with his family shredding waves in Costa Rica. “The search for the perfect wave continues… #tubular,” he wrote on Facebook.

Once Brady has some newfound spare time on his hands, one place he could work on his surfing skills is the village of Montauk, New York, which is known for its surfing spots – considered a favorite of Manhattan’s elite who want to try catching some waves.

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8. Switching to a potato chip diet

Tom Brady Electrolyte water

Something tells us Gisele is unlikely to let her husband drop his healthy ways. | Tom Brady via Instagram

How does Tom Brady stay so healthy and pull off insane Super Bowl wins? In his 2017 book The TB12 Method, he revealed he drinks water packed with electrolytes – up to 25 glasses of water per day. His diet is 80% vegetables, plus protein bars and shakes. What Brady avoids consuming is coffee (and caffeine in general), white rice, bread, cold cuts, and dairy foods.

Once the fate of the Patriots is no longer on his shoulders, maybe Brady will enjoy relaxing the dietary restrictions a little. As he remembers how good potato chips actually taste, he may wonder what on earth he was ever thinking, anyway.

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