Brocade Communications Systems Earnings Call INSIGHTS: CEO Stepping Down, SAN Storage Business

On Thursday, Brocade Communications Systems Inc (NASDAQ:BRCD) reported its third quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call. Take a look.

CEO Stepping Down

Jayson Noland – Robert Baird: First question for Mike, what was the driver behind the decision here?

Michael Klayko – CEO: Which decision?

Jayson Noland – Robert Baird: Decision to step down.

Michael Klayko – CEO: I have been doing this for a long time. We are in great position as you heard financially, product lines, channels, organization, in fact if you come to Tech Day and the Analyst Day you’re going to see even further strength of a product portfolio, but I think anytime you’re going to move on an organization, you move on at the time of strength, not a time of weakness and I think we’re very strong and we’ll continue to be strong for a very long period of time.

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Jayson Noland – Robert Baird: You still have any involvement with company going forward?

Michael Klayko – CEO: I am going to stay on as a CEO until we find a new CEO and then there is different philosophies about that and I believe that once you decide to make a transition you make a complete transition, so I will actually step up the Board once I step down as being the CEO.

Jayson Noland – Robert Baird: I wanted to ask one last question on Federal, a big July and flat to up into October which is not typical seasonality. We have heard from the channel, some comments on pull forward out of fear of sequestration. Is that what happened there or maybe just a comments on the seasonality in Federal?

Michael Klayko – CEO: Actually we’ve commented in the past that our federal business we put new leadership in focusing on different agencies and different programs. Our product set that we’ve brought to market is winning in that marketplace and so we actually think the trend that we have is going to continue. So these are not transaction that we build in.

Dan Fairfax – VP, Finance and CFO: Maybe make just one last comment on that. So we normally – you talk about the seasonality we see in the federal business, first half of the year of fiscal year light and then back half strong, we’re just seeing that trend materialize right now.

SAN Storage Business

Keith Bachman – Bank of Montreal: I was just wondering if you could comment on the SAN storage business and specifically this year you’ll end up somewhere around 9% to 10% year-over-year growth, and that’s certainly much higher than if you added up the collective storage vendors EMC, NetApp, Hitachi et cetera. Part of that share gains, but what’s the sustainable share in storage growth since your growth this year seems to be far exceeding what the market would suggest.

Jason Nolet – VP, Data Center Networking Group: I think the first point is when you just made netted share gains. In the first calendar quarter of this year we to six points of share driving us up to about 71% of market share so that’s certainly responsible for part of it, but the other part of it is candidly the strength of the product portfolio right we’ve been talking a figure number these calls about the two-year lead we have on the technology side with the generation we refer to 16 gig fiber channel but there’s more to it than just the speed bump and we continue to enjoy that that leadership position right we’re seeing great uptake on the director class products, we’re seeing great uptick on the switch products. We are perfectly on track to see the transition to 16 gig consistent with what we’ve seen with previous speed transitions. So I think it’s the technology and product leadership that keeps us on the front and we got a good lead there.

Keith Bachman – Bank of Montreal: So can you keep growing as you look at FY ’13 you think of as a positive number next year?

Michael Klayko – CEO: When you look back over the past 15 years we’ve been in this businesses and look at the installed base that’s out there right now it’s well over $10 million installed base and those products that are in for the trusted person it’s in that account right now we’ve been with these accounts for a long period time and they are going to need the new speed as they move to cloud architecture or a more virtualized environment so there is an enormous installed base that we can mine without even taking share but actually turning our base and so I think this trend line is going to remain for a while.