Bullet Train: The Week’s Best from the Web 10.24.09


Here are direct links to our favorite articles which we think you should highly consider reading.

Without further ado, jump on board the Bullet Train …

Goldman Sachs’ Magic Trick by Dylan Ratigan (Hat Tip: Carolyn Austin)

Taking it to The Street(.com) at Zero Hedge

An Interview with Jason Trennert at Real Clear Markets

John Mauldin: Tax Hikes Will Kill the ‘Recovery’, Which Isn’t Real Anyway at YahooFinance

Damien Hoffman: Editor-in-Chief of Wall St. Cheat Sheet Shares His Personal Mantra at Behind the Spread (Thanks, Hiro!)

Creating What-If Scenarios to Frame Trade Ideas at TraderFeed

US Facing Its Second Lost Decade at Minyanville

A cool-headed take on traders’ emotions at Financial Times

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