Bullet Train: The Week’s Best from the Web

bullet_train_tWe have felt some major love from new and old friends all over the blogosphere. So much so that in our website’s first quarter of existence we have become the fastest growing financial media site on the web!*

Since we firmly believe in positive karma, from this week forward we will be returning the favor to other hard working bloggers and writers who deserve to increase the awareness of their excellent work. So, every weekend we will post direct links to our favorite articles which we think you should highly consider reading.

Without further ado, jump on board the Bullet Train …

Rating Agencies Must Defend AAA Junk in Court at The Big Picture

Priceless: How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession at Huffington Post

Hippie Capitalism at Minyanville

Respectfully Disagreeing with Peter Morici at Real Clear Markets

Thoughts About Trend Days, Transitions, and Reversals at TraderFeed

Another Comparison to the Great Depression at Zero Hedge

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