BUY the Company That RULES THE WORLD at 2-Year Lows

Do you think Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) rules the world? Well, why don’t you own it too?

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For less than $100, you can now purchase shares at a support level consistent since the Great Crash in 2008-09.

This is not a fundamental analysis. The company is healthy and obviously world-dominant in every business they enter. Yes, financial services are shrinking, but as far as I hear, the best and brightest at the top schools are still clamoring for the chance to get a job at Goldman. Thus, if talent is not an issue, and assuming capitalism doesn’t disappear, Goldman could be a long term buy at these prices.

Now, I am not defining “long term” as one year. I am saying long term in the sense you nibble on a very conservatively sized position and tuck it away to sell into the next great bull market — whenever that may be.

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