Can Oprah’s Success be Copied?

After 25 years on the air, Oprah’s (NASDAQ:DISCA) daytime talk show is coming to an end on Wednesday, and there’s no shortage of people trying to fill those giant shoes of hers. Anderson Cooper (NYSE:TWX) is launching a similar show in the fall, Katie Couric is in advanced talks with ABC (NYSE:DIS) to do a syndicated show in a similar style. But not everyone is trying to replicate Oprah’s format, only her success.

CBS (NYSE:CBS) is hoping to fill her place with a new dating show (as if we don’t have enough of those already). But will anyone really be able to step in and take Oprah’s place, or will her viewers be scattered across the other top shows already in existence, such as ABC’s “The View” or CBS’s “Judge Judy”?

Oprah’s show was more about the woman than the program–a lot of people watched because of a connection with the host rather than the content. To really win the kind of viewership Oprah had, networks will have to find something different (and someone a lot more likable than the ladies of “The View”), especially since there is no shortage of competition, not just from pre-existing network shows, but from cable talk shows and other daytime programming.

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