15 Celebrities Who Grew Up Poor

What could celebrities ever know about the American dream? To us common folk, they’ve been walking red carpets, cashing checks, and snacking on avocado toast for years — never understanding the value of a struggle. For some celebrities, it’s completely true. Their affluent family trees made money, and fame seemed like a natural progression. But for others with modest upbringings, the limelight wasn’t a foreseeable option as they were growing up in poverty.

Some Hollywood A-listers never thought their pockets would be lined with cash when they were sleeping in cars and dropping out of school. Here are 15 celebrities who went from dirt poor to stinking rich.

 1. Jim Carrey

Justin Cooper and Jim Carrey in "Liar Liar"

Jim Carrey grew up poor. | Universal Pictures

When he was a boy, Jim Carrey and his family lost their home and had to live in a van. He quit school at age 15 to help support the family. These days, Carrey does just fine as Hollywood’s funny man whose jokes have made him mindbogglingly rich. Infamous roles in Dumb & Dummer, Ace Ventura, and In Living Color have sky rocketed his net worth to over $150 million.

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