15 Celebrities Who Managed to Destroy Their Own Careers Almost Instantly

Some celebrities live in a world of perceived reality where societal norms and common laws don’t apply. Such a famed life can lead to instances where scandals or poor choices kill their once promising careers. OJ Simpson comes to mind. So does Charlie Sheen. Surely, there are countless others who’ve tanked their careers in a matter of minutes.

It’s even easier for celebrities to go off track thanks to social media. But so many other prominent figures have managed to destroy their reputations with good ol’ word vomit. If you don’t recognize a few of these names, don’t worry, you’re not alone. They botched their chance at fame and fortune a long time ago. Other names are impossible to forget. These 15 celebrities have proven that crashing and burning takes only seconds, no matter how famous you become.

1. Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner Scandal

Anthony Weiner | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Twitter can be dangerous for those who don’t know how to tweet properly. Case in point: Congressman Anthony Weiner. As the youngest person to ever win a New York City  Council seat, Weiner’s career could have taken a different path had he not accidentally posted a picture to his Twitter wall meant for a woman he was sexting online. Whoops.

At first, he claimed his account was hacked. But liars never prosper, and Weiner ultimately resigned from congress in 2011 after admitting he’d been exchanging photos with the woman for years.

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