Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out: CNBC Ratings Get Smashed

I think Nielsen ratings are complete bullshit, but for what it’s worth I’m going to make a bullshit to bullshit comparison:

Once again, CNBC has continued to lose viewers after failing to help anyone save money during the Great Crash of 2008. The newest Nielsen Media Research numbers show Business Day (5am-7pm) down 24% P2+ (total households) and down 37% in the A25-54 demographic.  Primetime, CNBC is down 34% P2+ and down 25% in the A25-54 demo (Monday through Friday).

That’s a significant drop. Is it those pesky video games? Maybe it’s iPhone apps. Nah. It’s definitely correlated to the value CNBC offers to our investment accounts.


Update: Yes, as I have noted in past posts, ratings are down YoY because last year the crash brought the fearful who sought finance advice (and CNBC told them to hold tight). But I have heard this excuse for 6 months now. I believe a new crop of people have ditched CNBC because if you can’t make money watching, you might as well get your business news from a major media outlet or the web.

And if you breakout ratings of how many televisions are airing CNBC on mute in the background at a brokerage or finance firm, I’d take a long bet with no stop-loss that ratings would look a lot shittier.