CNN Gets Its New President From NBC

With CNN, owned by Time Warner (NYSE:TWX), hitting a 20-year weekly prime-time low earlier this year, it may be about time the company make a switch, as it has decided to do, naming former NBC executive Jeff Zucker as the future president of CNN worldwide.

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Zucker is set to take his seat as president this January, and he is quite excited, stating that his passion for journalism comes after only family and football. Zucker is coming in at a hard time, but he will prioritize improving programming to capture viewers, though he doesn’t believe ratings are the be-all-end-all in the television business.

Zucker’s track-record is not perfect, with recent troubles in late-night programming at NBC (NASDAQ:CMCSA)(NYSE:GE), but through his efforts and guidance, the “Today” show managed to become the most profitable show on television. If Zucker can do the same for CNN as he did for the “Today” show, he will prove quite the executive all-star.

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