Comcast Has a Post-Earnings Surprise

Comcast Corp. (NASDAQ:CMCSA) announced plans to roll out its X1 cloud-based DVR interface this quarter amid news that the company saw a 39 percent jump in profits last quarter.

On Wednesday, Comcast reported that 37,000 customers dropped its video service in the last quarter, a number that was more than offset by its 565,000 new “triple-play” customers. The company reported profits of $1.45 billion and revenues of $14.88 billion, a 23 percent increase from the year-ago quarter.

According to Comcast, the average customer paid $143 per month during the January through March quarter, an 8 percent increase from last year. The company’s X1 cloud service will be introduced to an undisclosed “major market” this quarter, with additional markets planned for later in the year. According to the company, the cloud-based service will allow for more up-to-date content and promotions, and will also eventually house apps.