Comcast is “MasterMind Manning” Against “Tom Terrific”

As of last night the big Super Bowl match-up has been decided. The New York Giants, led by QB Eli Manning, will go up against the New England Patriots, led by Tom Brady. The game will be aired on Comcast’s¬†(NASDAQ:CMCSA) NBC network.

The Patriots and The Giants each have long histories and big fan bases, meaning that this year’s big event could easily draw a record-setting crowd, music to the ears of Comcast. Football is the most-watched sport in the US. The NFL rakes in $9 billion in annual revenue on average, which is extremely profitable for a sports league. The NFL also just signed a 9-year contract extension with the networks that carry its games, resulting in a 60% increase in revenue for upcoming seasons.

NBC is eager for its chance to capture a big audience to advertise its struggling sitcoms and its new network, NBC Sports Network, which debuted earlier this month. ¬†According to reports, a 30-second spot during this year’s Super Bowl will cost advertisers anywhere from $3.5 million and up, a big jump from last year’s cost of $2.9 million. MSN Money cited As the Big Lead, who reported that the top five Super Bowl advertisers have spent $636.6 million over the last decade on their spots, accounting for 37% of total Super Bowl advertising revenue.

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