These 15 Companies Totally Get Baby Boomers

They’re probably the two most talked-about generations in America: The baby boomers and millennials. Thanks in part to stifling long-term debt, millennials don’t spend much money and they refuse to buy everyday things such as cereal and McDonald’s. Some big companies are so worried about courting millennials that they forget lots of boomers are still going strong. All brands would be smart to recognize that baby boomers are the top consumer demographic. These 15 companies totally get it, and the boomers are showing the love in return.

Who are the baby boomers?

Mature couple enjoying in golf cart

Most boomers are retired and loving it. | Wavebreakmedia/iStock/Getty Images

The way we define generations is fuzzy at times, but this is the breakdown of where baby boomers, Generation X, and millennials stand, according to The Atlantic:

  • Baby boomers: Born between 1946 and 1964
  • Generation X: Born between 1965 and 1984
  • Millennials: Born between 1982 and 2004.

See, we said it was a bit fuzzy. Aside from the boomers, there isn’t a set range of years to define generations.

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13. McCormick (TIE)


Only McCormick spices for boomers. |

Baby boomer approval rating: 85%

The company that specializes in spices can count on baby boomers to spend money on its products. The brand has 76% approval across all generations, but boomers think even more highly of the company.

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13. Reese’s peanut butter cups (TIE)

Two chocolate peanut butter cups

Reese’s peanut butter cups hit the sweet spot for baby boomers. | IcemanJ/iStock/Getty Images

Baby boomer approval rating: 85%

We’re sure some millennials love sweets and might know about some of the amazing desserts you can make with Reese’s peanut butter cups, but baby boomers are bigger fans. Millennials love Reese’s, too (79% approval), but the older generation takes it to another level.

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13. Dawn (TIE)

Baby boomers prefer Dawn to all other dish soaps. | Amazon

Baby boomer approval rating: 85%

There’s no shortage of dish soaps out there, but the baby boomers must know what the rest of us don’t — that Dawn is one of the best around. Some of the fancy dish soaps you see at the store are a waste of money, but Dawn isn’t among them. Eighty-five percent of boomers choose Dawn over the alternatives.

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9. Chiquita (TIE)


Only Chiquita bananas for baby boomers. | Oleksandr Perepelytsia/Getty Images

Baby boomer approval rating: 86%

The figures from YouGov tell you everything you need to know about Chiquita bananas. Boomers love them, but millennials (57% approval) couldn’t care less. Maybe the younger generation is just preparing for the day when bananas are extinct.

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9. Quaker (TIE)

Quaker Oats

The breakfast of champions for boomers. | Tim Boyle/Newsmakers

Baby boomer approval rating: 86%

This must be a sign that baby boomers are all about healthy breakfasts. According to YouGov, 86% of boomers love the oatmeal specialists at Quaker, a full 10% more than millennials.

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9. Windex (TIE)


Baby boomers take Windex over generics almost all the time.| memoriesarecaptured/Getty Images

Baby boomer approval rating: 86%

So what if generics work just as well and Windex ends up being a total waste of money? Not baby boomers. Compared to millennials (73%) and Generation X (79%), boomers are clearly in love with Windex and won’t be changing to a generic brand any time soon.

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9. Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker Cake Mix

Betty Crocker mix. | Getty Images

Baby boomer approval rating: 86%

Between the baking mixes, Hamburger Helper, and heat-and-serve potatoes, among other products, Betty Crocker is all about keeping meals easy. That must appeal to baby boomers since 86% think positively of the brand.

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6. Planters (TIE)

Planters Nutrition women's health

All Planters products get a thumbs up from boomers. | Planters

Baby boomers approval rating: 87%

Even though Planters’ trail mixes are sneakily unhealthy snacks, it doesn’t affect how boomers feel about the brand. Millennials and Generation X are fairly lukewarm about Planters, but 87% of baby boomers love the brand.

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6. Clorox (TIE)

Bottles of Clorox bleach

Clorox is a favorite brand for baby boomers. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Baby boomer approval rating: 87%

Millennials are killing off laundry products such as fabric softener, but Clorox doesn’t have to worry much as long as baby boomers are around. The company makes bleach and other cleaning products, and boomers can’t get enough. At 87%, baby boomers’ positive opinion of Clorox is 5% better than the average across all generations.

 A sweet, quality classic everyone loves.

6. M&M’s

M&M's store

The M&M’s store is like heaven for baby boomers. | Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Mars Chocolate North America

Baby boomer approval rating: 87%

Sure, baby boomers love M&M’s, but they’re not alone. Even though millennials eschew chain restaurants for healthier meals, 80% from that generation love M&M’s, too. Eighty-six percent of Generation Xers enjoy the candy classic.

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4. Kleenex (TIE)

Tissue, flu medicines and tea on bedside table sick woman

No one wants to wash handkerchiefs when they’re sick, which is why Kleenex are so popular. |

Baby boomer approval rating: 88%

Kleenex started out as a seemingly pointless product, but it’s popular these days since no one wants to do wash their handkerchiefs when they’re saddled with the flu. Generic facial tissues work just as well, but baby boomers remain loyal to Kleenex specifically.

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4. Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey Kissmobile

Baby boomers would be thrilled if these were edible Hershey’s Kisses. | Klaus Nahr/Wikimedia Commons

Baby boomer approval rating: 88%

This just proves that boomers love sweets. We’ve already discussed Reese’s cups and M&M’s, and now Hershey’s Kisses show up as one of the brands that totally appeal to boomers. Eighty-eight percent love Kisses, which is 5% more than the average and 10% more than millennials’ rating.

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3. Ziploc

locked refrigerator bag to store food in the refrigerator,

Sealable plastic bags. | hatipoglu/iStock/Getty Images

Baby boomer approval rating: 89%

We’re always tempted to buy the cheaper plastic bags are the store, but maybe the baby boomers are on to something with their love of Ziploc bags. Sure, Ziploc costs more than the generic plastic bags, but they’re reusable several times, saving money in the long run.

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1. Band-Aid (TIE)

Three colorful bandages

Band-Aid brand is best, according to baby boomers. | CCaetano/iStock/Getty Images

Baby boomer approval rating: 90%

Johnson & Johnson, the makers of Band-Aids, is one of the best companies to work for, but that’s not why 90% of baby boomers approve. They love the brand because it’s “Reliable, well-made, useful, trustworthy, and a good value for money,” according to YouGov.

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1. WD-40 (TIE)


WD-40 rust remover. | GettyImages

Baby boomer approval rating: 90%

Oil is oil, right? Not if you ask boomers. They absolutely love WD-40, much more so than millennials or Generation X. Ninety percent of boomers stand by WD-40, compared to 78% of Gen Xers and merely 56% of millennials.

All baby boomers approval ratings courtesy of YouGov.

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