CORRECTION: Top 3 Worst DJIA Performers: AA, MMM, DD

CORRECTION: 3M did not release earnings guidance.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down today .62% and stands at 11,121. The stocks below are among the worst performers today.

Alcoa (NYSE:AA): Alcoa is down today as basic materials stocks are down 3%. The upside may be found in a new deal with China and an expected worldwide increase in demand for aluminum. Alcoa’s stock is down 4.01%.

3M (NYSE:MMM): 3M has a global presence and bad economic data hit the shares. 3M’s stock is down 2.31%.

Dupont (NYSE:DD): Dupont’s decline today mirrored the decline in all materials sector stocks. Dupont’s future could brighten if petroleum prices decline. However, lower petroleum prices could also signal overall economic weakness, and Dupont is expected to confront increased competition from Chinese competitors. Dupont’s stock is down 1.92% today.

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