Costco Loyalists Obsess Over These Signature Store Brand Products

Store-brand products are usually associated with compromise — and not the good kind. Those who opt for name brand over generic products assume they’ll sacrifice quality for price, believing that there’s just no way an off-brand item can be both cheap and superior. But Costco’s Kirkland products debunk all previously established stereotypes. Not only are many of these store brand products economical, but Costco loyalists obsess over their top-of-the-line value.

Both seasoned Costco veterans and potential bulk-buying newbies must know about these store-brand products making headlines. Here are 15 items you won’t want to pass up ever again.

1. Olive oil

Costco olive oil

It’s one of the best olive oils you can buy. | Costco

A University of California Davis study says Kirkland Signature is one of the best imported olive oils you can buy. Other inexpensive competitors fail to meet the IOC/USDA standards for extra virgin olive oil, but Costco’s brand does. It’s not diluted with cheaper oils and many shoppers agree that it has a superior quality and flavor lacking in its pricier counterparts.

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