Cramer: You Can Ride With YRC Worldwide (WSCS: If You Want to Go to Hades)

Cramer YRCW

Yep. You can ride, alright … straight to see the devil in Hades. As we continue to scientifically prove game show hosts are irresponsible investment gurus (and should have their shows moved from financial media outlets to the Game Show Network — as not to confuse reasonable people), a reader Michael B. pointed out another portfolio killing Cramer “Buy, Buy, Buy” call:

“You see stocks like YRC Worldwide (YRCW) run, you know that it’s been up pretty much every day since September began, and you say to yourself, did I miss it? Am I too late? If the recent history of plays like this pans out, you still have a lot of points to run. Here’s why …”

Well, we don’t need a “why” when we have friends like Jim. We simply need a chart:

YRCW Cramer

That really large green bar is where Cramer told the investing public to buy. Traders like to call that a “blow off top.”

Again, where is the SEC when you have stocks under $10 being pumped by someone who should know better? Yes, the readers and viewers are too blame as well. But this type of investment advisory is completely irresponsible.

You can ride shotgun with Cramer, but friends don’t let friends drive drunk …

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