Nude Body Double and Other Crazy Hollywood Jobs You Won’t Believe are Real

We’ve heard of the crazy jobs Hollywood stars did before they were famous. We know about some of the strange jobs our favorite movie characters have. But what about the crazy Hollywood jobs that exist behind the scenes?

If you’re looking to get into showbiz, Hollywood has its share of odd and crazy jobs. Here are a few that definitely qualify as crazy. We’ll start with some of the tamer jobs and work our way up to tasks that are a bit more out there, literally.

1. Foley artist

Someone had to make all those noises. | Lucasfilms

  • What they do: Soundtrack your favorite movies and shows

Foley artists don’t subscribe to the mantra ‘It’s better to be seen than heard.’ The sounds of footsteps, punches, and slammed doors you hear in the movies usually don’t happen on set, and that’s where Foley artists come in. They create the sound effects that add depth to what you see on screen. Maybe it’s not a crazy job, but it’s certainly unique and it pays well: The guaranteed salary of a union Foley artist is $2,000 per week.

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2. Modesty sock costumer

Jason Segal Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Jason Segal is likely not actually naked in this part of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. | Universal Pictures

  • What they do: Keep actors’ privates private

Unless you’re watching an, ahem, certain kind of movie, the intimate moments you see on screen aren’t really that intimate. This crazy job ensures male and female actors keep their privates private thanks to modesty socks (for guys) and merkins (for women). This probably qualifies as tailor, dressmaker, or custom sewer, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports having a median salary of $28,000 per year. 

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3. Greensmen

Vegetation and trees, forest from Costa Rica

If you can’t go to the jungle, you have to make the jungle come to you. | bogdanhoria/iStock/Getty Images

  • What they do: Dress scenes with plant life

If you’re filming a tropical scene in Canada or a jungle scene in California, you’ll need greensmen. They provide the plants that are needed on set. They are responsible for keeping the plants alive, which can get a lot tougher when you’re working in a studio instead of on location.

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4. Bug wrangler

Beetle on leaves

They get surprisingly steady work. | Yuri Kadobnov/AFP/Getty Images

  • What they do: Get insects to hit their cues

Dogs and horses can be trained. Cats can be lured into place (if you’re patient). But bugs won’t take commands. If a movie is relying on creepy crawlies to make an appearance, then the director will call on a bug wrangler, A.K.A. an entomologist. Some might say any line of work dealing with bugs qualifies as a crazy job, but landing a gig in Hollywood can be lucrative and steady work.

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5. Screen cleaner

Empty cinema seats with blank white screen

You probably would never think about this. | razihusin/iStock/Getty Images

  • What they do: Clean movie theater screens

OK, so this isn’t technically a Hollywood job, but it is related to the movie industry and a little bit on the crazy side. Believe it or not, movie screens can get dirty with dust and other gunk, which detracts from the viewing experience. There are companies who take care of the task, which definitely involves more than a roll of paper towels and some Windex.

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6. Food stylist

Whether it’s for movies or photo shoots, they make food look good. | Beats3/Getty Images

  • What they do: Act as makeup artists for food

Did the Big Kahuna Burger in Pulp Fiction look unbearably delicious to you? You can thank a food stylist. Whether it’s movies, TVs, magazine spreads, or commercials, food stylists have plenty of tricks to make food look good. Though there are some underhanded tricks to make food look good, food stylists stick to edible — and more ethical — methods to get the job done.

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7. Human alarm clock

Some stars want to be woken up by a real person. | iStock/Getty Images

  • What they do: Make sure the stars are on time

Most big-time Hollywood stars have assistants and managers help them schedule their days. Howard Stern had Eli Roth. Before Roth made it big as a director, writer, and producer, he worked on Stern’s biopic movie Private Parts as the star’s personal alarm clock. That’s one way to make your voice heard in Hollywood. And it certainly has to be among the leaders on a list of crazy jobs.

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8. Nude body double

Cersei walk of Shame Game of Thrones

Lena Headey used a body double for her walk of shame in Game of Thrones| HBO

  • What they do: Stand in for the stars during intimate scenes

Celebrities often work out a lot in order to stay in shape. But that doesn’t mean they want the world to see what they look like without clothes. In instances where a character needs to get naked but the star doesn’t have the time or desire to do it, body doubles step up. Believe it or not, you can get regular work doing this crazy job, as one actress told Vulture. Plus, it can pay quite well.

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9. Sex scene choreographer

Love Actually Sex Scene

It’s definitely not romantic or sexy when it comes down to it. | Universal Pictures

  • What they do: Work out the intimate details

In big movie fight scenes or dance numbers, a coordinator or choreographer plans every last detail. Same goes for sex scenes. You can’t just put actors in bed and expect everything to take care of itself. Some directors handle sex scenes on their own, but in some cases, sex scene choreographers come on board to make sure it’s on the up-and-up and looking good. It’s not all about getting up close and personal, though. One sex scene coordinator tells Deadline Hollywood, a lot of the job is finding out comfort levels so everyone is on the same page. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists a choreographer’s median pay at $16.85 per hour, but we’re going to guess you might get a little bit more for this particular crazy job.

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