December Online Jobs Report: Online Employment Surges

oDesk today announced findings from the December “Online Employment Report,” a monthly analysis on the state of the online workforce, including in-demand skills, growth in jobs and upcoming workforce trends.

According to the report, demand for online work held steady in December, maintaining 103% growth year-over-year and outstripping slow hiring seen in local jobs. Over the past year, through oDesk, online workers have earned more than $115M, an amount which is expected to double in 2011. Based on a sample of nearly 60,000 postings for online jobs, there has been ongoing interest from employers in hiring for mobile development, and a new emphasis on translation. The top skills requested in December included increases in the number of employers looking for iPhone application development and language expertise. 

The key findings from the December “Online Employment Report” show:

◦    2011 Planning a Top Priority: 123% increase occurred in hiring for business planning and market strategy professionals over 2009

◦    Record Spend for Online Work: More than $13M was spent on online work in December alone

◦    Going Global: Translation jobs were up 319% in 2010, highlighting businesses’ increasing interest in international transactions. Primary languages were Spanish, German and Korean

Online Employment Data courtesy of oDesk, the largest and fastest-growing global employment platform.

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