Detroit Auto Show Features Cars and Politicians

This year’s Detroit auto show featured lots of shiny new cars, but also a lot of politicians. Washington has been heavily entwined with the auto industry since the government bailed out Chrysler and GM (NYSE:GM). The auto industry is now making a comeback and the politicians want you to know they played a part.

Yahoo!Finance quoted Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, who said, “I sense a new energy in this industry, and I’d like to believe we’re part of that energy. If I can make a little bit of a difference by representing six million Missourians with my presence here, it’s worth it.” Missouri has had major windfalls from the revival of the auto industry as Ford (NYSE:F) and GM (NYSE:GM) have said that they will be collectively investing $1.5 billion in expanding plants in the state.

The show attracted a “sizable delegation” from the Obama administration, four governors and numerous members of Congress. Common topics of discussion included job creation, fuel-economy standards and new products.

Governor Kasich of Ohio said he was hoping for feedback from automakers regarding what more he could be doing to help grow the industry in his state. “ We come away with assignments.  You’re not going to earn new business just because you have a good relationship,” Governor Kasich said to Yahoo! Finance.