DirecTV LAUNCHES 24/7 Isaac Info Channel and 4 Media Titans Making Waves

AOL, Inc. (NYSE:AOL) has adopted a Tax Asset Protection Plan which is meant to act as a deterrent to any individual, individual fund, or family of funds with common dispositive power acquiring 4.9% percent or more of the Company’s outstanding shares without approval of the Company’s Board of Directors. As of June 30, 2012, AOL had a number of domestic tax attributes, including net operating losses of about $130 million after-tax expiring over a period ranging from five to twenty years, and capital loss carry-forwards, of nearly $500 million after-tax, which will expire over a period ranging from three to five years. If not restricted, AOL may utilize these tax attributes in certain circumstances for the offset of future U.S. taxable income, including in connection with capital gains that may be generated from a potential asset sale. AOL predicts that the implementation of the Tax Asset Protection Plan will serve the interests of all shareholders due to the size of its domestic tax assets and the possible damage that may occur if a change of control occurs. This plan is much like other arrangements that have been adopted by several other public companies with significant tax attributes. The rights are set to expire on August 27, 2015, or such earlier time as the Company’s Board of Directors decides that the Company possesses no remaining designated tax attributes as of the beginning of a taxable year. The shares traded up $1.14 (3.46%) recently at $34.06.

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Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA): A federal court has sided with Comcast, which blocks a decision by the Federal Communications Commission which would have forced Comcast to put the Tennis Channel in the same tier as its own sports programming. Last month, the FCC ruled that Comcast, owner of NBC, improperly discriminated against the Tennis Channel by forcing it to be relegated to a lower tier of programming. Comcast previously included the Tennis Channel as part of its specialty sports package, but the FCC ordered that the company offer the channel in the same tier as its own similar channels, such as the Golf Channel and NBC Sports Network. The shares traded up $0.12 (0.35%) recently at $34.07.

DIRECTV, Inc. (NASDAQ:DTV) will launch a dedicated 24/7 “Tropical Storm Isaac Information” channel which is to deliver live broadcasts from local stations in markets affected by the tropical storm to DirecTV viewers across the nation. DirecTV intends to provide constant coverage until the storm has lost its strength. DirecTV will also broadcast local news and information coverage from several stations in affected markets as the storm moves up from the Florida Keys through the Gulf of Mexico. DirecTV also intends to provide graphical information to inform the customer base about possible evacuations, closures, event cancellations, and any additional critical information viewed as necessary. Storm preparation information should be delivered in graphical form from the American Red Cross along with information from other emergency organizations. As DirecTV follows the storm it will manually switch to local stations in the affected market. The shares traded up $0.08 (0.15%) recently at $52.71.

Dish Network Corp. (NASDAQ:DISH): Roomlinx (RMLX) has announced a ground-breaking five year programming and marketing agreement with DISH Network. This deal will allow Roomlinx and DISH to provide high-definition programming along with DISH interactive marketing to guests at participating Hyatt hotels through the Roomlinx iTV platform. Roomlinx will install its iTV system in as many as 60,000 rooms at participating Hyatt hotels located in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean by 2013’s end. Along with offering over 40 HD channels to Hyatt guests, DISH is to advertise its residential services on Roomlinx’s proprietary iTV ad platform with future plans allowing existing DISH customers access to their home subscription package through both Sling Adapter and DISH Online content from their guest room TV. The shares traded up $0.2 (0.06%) recently at $32.29.

News Corp. (NASDAQ:NWSA): In a Los Angeles federal court, Fox Broadcasting Co., which is a News Corp. unit, has sought a preliminary court ban against Dish Network’s (NASDAQ:DISH) feature which allows consumers to skip commercials, claiming that it will lose revenue, states Bloomberg. Fox has also attempted to stop Dish from offering a function recording all prime time shows on the four major U.S. networks and saves them for as many as eight days. The shares traded up $0.1 4(0.60%) recently at $23.45.

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