Disney CEO Bob Iger on Movies, Video Games, Netflix and Steve Jobs

Here’s your Cheat Sheet to Disney (NYSE:DIS) CEO Bob Iger’s interview at D9:

On trends in Disney’s (NYSE:DIS) marketing: “I think we’re in an extraordinary time…cloud storage which is going to be very real and very apparent very soon…all of these so called new platforms represent huge opportunities for companies like Disney. We’re in the content business…which means there is an entirely new opportunity to monetize our capital investment (through these mediums).”

“I look at all of these platforms as that for TV and movies, but I look at all these opportunities as incremental opportunities over the long run.”

On Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX): “We view Netflix positively, because they are a distribution mechanism that provides consumers w/easy access, its a good environment for our content to be accessible on.”

On Hulu (NYSE:GE): “I’m not going to get into any of that.”

On Disney’s relationship with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL): “I think I have a special relationship with Steve [Jobs].”

On changes in the movie industry: “There is no more room for mediocrity. Failure is more evident than it ever was from a bottom line perspective.”

On video games: “We still view games as a growth business for us, we’ve made some mistakes, which we’ve admitted. What Zynga has done with social games we think is extraordinary.