DJIA Retailers Down Over 1%

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (NYSE:DIA) is down today 0.14% and stands at 12,192. The stocks below are among the lagging and declining performers today.

Home Depot (NYSE:HD): Home Depot(NYSE:HD) has been benefiting from the decision by its competitor Lowe’s to reduce the number of stores. The NAHB described the market as “saturated”, as there are many places in the country where Lowe’s and Home Depot (NYSE:HD) are right near each other. Those days have come to an end. Although Home Depot (NYSE:HD) is up nicely since this summer it is down today by 2.54%.

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McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD): McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) has brought back the McRib, which has a quasi-cult status that may help the company on the margin. McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) has experienced impressive growth since the beginning of 2010, and its future overseas looks bright. The stock is down today by 0.98%.

Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT): Although the class-action sex discrimination suit was thrown out nationally, female employees in California are launching the first of many other regional lawsuits. The plan is to target the areas in the country where the discrimination was reportedly most rampant. The stock is down 1.30%.

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