Does Pfizer Have Institutional Stock Support for its Future Product Pipeline?

For the year-to-date, Pfizer Inc.’s (NYSE:PFE) shares are up 2.63 percent. On Friday, the company said that European Union regulators recommended approval for its kidney cancer drug Inlyta. This would be used for the treatment of advanced renal cell carcinoma in patients who did not see results from Pfizer’s drug Sutent or with cytokines for treatment. The twice daily drug will be used only by adults.

In January, the Food and Drug Administration approved it as a secondary alternative for renal cell carcinoma (the most common type of of kidney cancer), reported CBS News.

With the recommended approval by European Union regulators for the kidney cancer drug, will Pfizer’s largest shareholders increase their holdings? 1586 institutional firms indicated owning shares of Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) in Q1 2012. These firms reported owning a total of 5.065 billion shares on 03/31/2012 . The shares closed at $22.43 on 03/31/2012.

Here are the ten largest positions in Pfizer Inc. at the end of March 31st, 2012.

Vanguard Group Inc held 317,675,765 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $7,195,355,956.

State Street Corp held 292,969,407 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $6,635,756,957.

Blackrock Institutional Trust Company N.A. held 198,358,386 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $4,492,817,367.

Wellington Management Co LLP held 182,071,276 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $4,123,914,332.

Bank of New York Mellon Corp held 140,437,688 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $3,180,913,580.

Franklin Resources Inc held 135,619,934 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $3,071,791,453.

Price T Rowe Associates Inc /md/ held 130,102,471 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $2,946,820,919.

Fmr LLC held 115,298,230 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $2,611,504,866.

JPMorgan Chase & Co held 110,395,001 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $2,500,446,731.

Northern Trust Corp held 94,392,374 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $2,137,987,235.

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