Top 15 Dog Breeds No Insurance Company Wants to Cover

Choosing the right dog for your lifestyle involves initial cost, food, and veterinary bills, but what about pet insurance? It can alleviate some fears, like your dog getting sick or injured. But insurance companies label several types as “dangerous dogs” they won’t cover. Is your dog one of those breeds? One fluffy dog breed looks approachable, but insurance companies won’t cover it (on pageĀ 10).

1. Great Danes

A man rests in the stalls with his Great Dane

A man rests in the stalls with his Great Dane. | Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Insurance companies seem to be wary of dogs who are roughly the size of Seabiscuit. Great Danes surely fit that description, and due to their size, they are often considered dangerous. A Great Dane can easily overpower children and smaller adults, though they rarely attack. Plus, your neighbors probably won’t be stoked if you decide not to pick up after your Great Dane — this could create sizable problems.

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