The Worst Business Deals Donald Trump Has Made

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Donald Trump has had a prolific and high-profile business career. Even as president, he’s still making money from his various businesses (whether or not that’s legal is a different debate).

Trump has worked hard his whole life and has a vast business empire to show for it. Yet not every move he’s made has been a rousing success. He likes to present himself as a savvy businessman and master dealmaker, but his business history paints a somewhat different picture. One of his mistakes cost $3.4 billion, but that wasn’t the only misstep. We’ll start out with some his more pedestrian misses before working our way to the massive disasters (including one at No. 13 that crash landed).

1. Trump Tower Tampa

Trump Tower Tampa sign

He just slapped his name on it. | Wikimedia Commons

Trump lent his name to a condo tower in Tampa in 2005 and received a nice payday up front plus money on the back end. Or he would have if the project didn’t go bankrupt. Donald Trump wasn’t directly involved with the project, but its failure is not a good look for him. He was involved with small-time developers, the housing market bubble burst, and dozens of people lost huge down payments on property that was never built. When the developers declared bankruptcy, they had just $3,500 in assets.

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