DuPont Recognized for Development of Insect Control Product and 2 Other Dow Movers to Watch

E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co. (NYSE:DD): Current price $59.78

The Heroes of Chemistry award has been given to DuPont scientists for having developed the insect control product Rynaxypyr. The honor was given by the world’s number-one scientific society, the American Chemical Society. The award is bestowed upon scientists whose innovative work in chemistry and chemical engineering have led to the development of commercial products that benefit people.

DuPont’s Rynaxypyr insect control compound represents the first insecticide from a new class of chemicals, the anthranilic diamides, having insecticidal activity which can be harnessed to control nearly all economically important Lepidoptera and certain other species. When used early in the pests’ life cycle, Rynaxypyr blocks the build-up of pest populations, optimizing yield potential.


Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE:WMT): Current price $74.81

On Monday, Wal-Mart announced a $500,000 grant to the Northwest Arkansas Council that backs the advancement of healthy living and economic improvement initiatives across Northwest Arkansas. The grant forms part of a three-year commitment by the giant retailer to fund the Greater Northwest Arkansas Development Strategy, a regional growth and development plan created in 2010 by the Northwest Arkansas Council, local chambers of commerce, along with other organizations.

Now in its third year, the grant will impact over 480,000 local residents via plans to increase access to and the quality of infrastructure improvements, education, job opportunities, and healthy lifestyles.


Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT): Current price $32.91

While Sibos 2013 gets started, Thomson Reuters, SunGard, Temenos, and FreedomPay have announced new applications for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 that will help financial services firms globally to grow their businesses with mobile experiences for employees and customers.

Gartner observes that, ”CIOs see these technologies as disrupting business fundamentally over the next 10 years. When asked which digital technologies would be most disruptive, 70 percent of CIOs cited mobile technologies, followed by big data/analytics at 55 percent, social media at 54 percent and public cloud at 51 percent. By year end of 2015, 40 percent of all in-person interactions between banks and their customers will be initiated or completed using a tablet computer.”


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