E-Reader Households More Likely to Read Newspapers In Print and Online

This post comes from Scarborough Research:

According to new E-Reader Household data from Scarborough Research, the nine million adults within the four million households that own or plan to buy an e-reader device, 78% of adults in E-Reader Households read a newspaper in print or online during the past week, versus 71% of all adults. They are 11% more likely than the average adult to do so.

The study finds a strong relationship between e-reader devices and newspaper readership:

* 41% of adults in E-Reader Households visited a newspaper website during the past month, compared to 27% of total adults. They are 48% more likely than all consumers nationally to have visited a newspaper website during this timeframe;

* Adults in E-Reader Households are 9% more likely than all adults nationally to have read a printed newspaper during the past week. Nationally, 71% of adults in e-reader households read a daily or Sunday paper during the past week, versus 65% of all adults;

* 50% of these consumers read a Sunday printed newspaper on an average Sunday, as opposed to 46% of total adults.

Gary Meo, senior vice president of digital media and newspaper services for Scarborough Research, observes that “…(the) data confirms the emergence of E-reader devices as an important technology for millions of Americans and… a natural companion to newspapers… creating a new opportunity for publishers to monetize content… ”

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