E3 in Full Swing With These Hot New Games on Display

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Sony (NYSE:SNE), and Ninetendo (NYSE:TYO) are among top gaming producers boasting new consoles and titles at this year’s E3 Conference in Los Angeles. Sony’s Playstation “Vita,” the company’s newest handheld gaming device, which features and LED Touch Display and wireless 3G capabilities through AT&T (NYSE:T), is among the most sought-after new products on display.

In other big news Microsoft Kinect announced a partnership with EA (NASDAQ:ERTS) that will bring a number of new games to the device, such as one super-cool Star Wars game that will let players “use the force” via the motion-control gaming interface. Nintendo’s major announcements are expected to focus on upgrades to the Wii, a forthcoming new console, and progress on the handheld DS device. In online gaming news, Microsoft plans to add search features to XBOX Live (via voice commands with Kinect) and LiveTV capabilities in tandem with “over 100 media partners” such as UFC.