Earnings Roundup: 12 Interesting Stocks to Examine from the Week

Some big companies announced earnings last week. We’ve spared you some precious research time and put together a list of 12 earnings reports we think you should know more about:

1)  Kodiak Oil & Gas (AMEX:KOG): Shares fell 4.37% after the company released fourth quarter results.  Although oil and gas sales increased 131% from last year, the company still reported a net loss of $4.4 million ( 3 cents per share). Included in the 2010 net loss calculation are unrealized derivative losses of $4.6 million.

2) Weyco Group (NASDAQ:WEYS): The mens footwear distributor reported a 7% increase in sales for the fourth quarter.  Net sales were $62.3 million, compared to $58.4 million in the same period last year.  The company earned $5.1 million (45 cents per share) for the quarter.  The stock currently pays a dividend yield of 2.6%.

3) DexCom, Inc. (NASDAQ:DXCM): The medical device manufacturer reported a net loss of $9.8 million (16 cents per share).  Despite the loss, it was actually an improvement from last year’s $11.5 million (25 cents per share) loss for the same quarter.  On a positive note, sales for the company climbed 49% to $15.6 million.

4) Energy Recovery, Inc. (NASDAQ:ERII): Shares took a beating of nearly 7% after the company reported a poor fourth quarter.  Revenue fell from $15.7 million to $13 million.  Analysts were expecting revenue of about $18 million for the quarter.  The company also gave a disappointing outlook for 2011, as it expects to lose 13-19 cents per share for the year.

5)  Hott Topic, Inc. (NASDAQ:HOTT): Unlike its name, fourth quarter results were only mildly warm.  The teen clothing chain’s total revenue for February fell 2.6%, and rose only 2.1% at its Torrid chain stores.  However, traders are taking the news rather well as shares trade up .95% after the closing bell.

6) Gasco Energy (AMEX:GSX): The natural gas and petroleum company erased much of its 7.77% gains it experienced Wednesday.  After the closing bell, shares slipped 6.31% after announcing fourth quarter results.  The company reported a net loss of $2.8 million (3 cents per share).  In the same period last year, the company reported a net gain of $0.443 million.

7) American Software (NASDAQ:AMSWA): Wednesday, after the bell, the software maker reported preliminary results for its most recent quarter.  Net earnings for the quarter totaled $1.8 million (7 cents per share).  Total revenue increased 3% from last year to $20.4 million.  The company currently has a dividend yield of 5.4%, and has paid shareholders a dividend for 30 consecutive quarters.

8) Chiquita Brands International (NYSE:CQB): Shares traded down nearly 2% in after hours due to a chilly fourth quarter for the banana and fresh produce distributor.  Revenue fell 12% to $773 million, analysts were expecting revenues of $796 million.  Chief Executive Fernando Aguirre said, ” The magnitude of sudden banana industry supply shortages and related cost increases caused by adverse weather conditions was much greater than anticipated.”

9)  Rosetta Stone (NYSE:RST): What happened to the dinero? Shares traded down 2.67% after the closing bell.  For the fourth quarter, the company earned $5 million (23 cents per share).  This represents a 59% decrease from last year’s $12.2 million (58 cents per share).  Analysts were expecting 28 cents per share.

10) Mindray Medical (NYSE:MR): After gaining 2.58% during regular trading, shares of the medical device manufacturer are slightly down after releasing fourth quarter results after the bell.  Net income for the fourth quarter increased 11.7% to $211 million.  International sales grew 19.5% for the fourth quarter.

11) Universal Health Services (NYSE:UHS): Shares climbed 1.71% higher after the company released fourth quarter results after the close.  Net income was $37.2 million (38 cents per share).  Net revenue also increased a healthy 21% to $1.56 billion for the fourth quarter.

12) Youku.com Inc (NYSE:YOKU): Although the Chinese internet video website gained 5% during regular market hours, it crashed 10% after the closing bell.  The company reported fourth quarter numbers, and the results were mixed. Revenue jumped 183% form last year, but the company still reported a 13 cent per share loss.