eBay CONCERNED by Square and 4 Hot Morning Stocks Turning Heads

Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) clearly has the early mover advantage in the 4G LTE rollout as it adds coverage in 33 new marketsĀ  and expands 32 existing markets, with plans to boost its 4G LTE footprint from the current 337 to 400 markets by the year end. AT&T (NYSE:T), on the other hand is present in only 47 LTE markets, while Sprint (NYSE:S) has started its rollout in 15 metro areas.

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Though Paypal has another strong quarterly performance as reported by eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) it must surely be concerned with the massive popularity of Square’s mobile card readers and the new app-based solution called Pay With Square. According to David Pogue, Square has persuaded over 75,000 merchants to support PWS. PWS allows the user to discover great shopping places, earn rewards, and pay easily after linking a credit card and opening a tab – just say your name after clicking the tab and the cashier, using the Square Register iPad app would accept payment.

With Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) receiving no joy from its review of a lost patent battle with Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) regarding how communication gadgets operate, Google’s Motorola Mobility unit is changing its mobile devices and the way they synchronize calendars to ensure it keeps its phones selling in the U.S. market.

Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA said Chevron (NYSE:CVX) would provide $2 billion in financing to Petroboscan at a rate of Libor plus 4.5 percent, and the last payment would be made in 2025. This would help boost production and comply with president Hugo Chavez’s stricture to raise production or else.

Nokia (NYSE:NOK) reports EPS of EUR – 0.08 and beats expectations by Eur 0.01, while revenue of EUR 14.8 billion, which fell 24 percent y-on-y, was in line with expectations. Revenue improved over Q1 as phone shipments improved to 73 million units, including 4 million Lumia units. Unit Nokia Siemens Networks saw a return to underlying operating profitability in Q2. CEO is counting a lot on the Windows Phone 8: “We believe the Windows Phone 8 launch will be an important catalyst for Lumia.”

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